Ask Quick Question for Wrapping Supplies


With the right sort of wrapping, you can ensure that your stock is protected from harm during storage and transit. Access Direct are your premium wrapping suppliers.

Stretch Wrap

For general use, we recommend stretch wrapping supplies in Melbourne. This product offers a high tear resistance – it can even be used over corners and sharp edges without being torn – and an excellent memory so that it keeps a tight grip. We have black and clear wraps available, as well as handy dispensers.

Cardboard Sheets

Have you ever placed items onto a pallet only to discover that they’ve become marked or dirty upon removing them? Access Direct can help you eliminate this problem entirely with cardboard sheets. These are placed on the bottom of the pallet and provides a barrier between your products and dirt.

Edge Protectors

Should you want to protect your pallet corners from damage, we recommend using our edge protectors. These stiff cardboard guards are designed to support the edges of pallets, absorbing any impacts that would otherwise seek to cause damage to them.

Heat Shrink Film

For maximum protection during transit and when placing items into storage, we recommend using heat shrink film. This wrap will shrink and tighten around the product when heat is applied via heat shrink guns. Heat shrink guns are available for purchase – please get in touch.


What is the difference between cast wrap and blown wrap?

Blown wrap is pre-blown during the manufacturing process, ensuing a higher tear resistance than cast wrap. Blown wrap is great for heavy loads to optimise stability on pallets.

Do you supply pre-stretched film?

Yes, we supply pre-stretched film in hand and machine type. The advantage of pre-stretched film is ease of application, lightweight and just as strong as cast.

What sizes do the cardboard sheets come in?

1165mm x 1165mm x 3mm thick, which suits a standard pallet.