Ask Quick Question for Strapping Supplies


Properly sealing packages and parcels with strapping is a must for ensuring that they arrive in one piece. Access Direct are your premium strapping suppliers.

Steel Strapping

This product is recommended for hot and harsh environments, as well as heavy engineering applications. All of our steel strapping is smooth coated and have rounded edges so that they can be handled safely and they don’t cut into the package they’re being used to secure.

Poly Strapping

This product is recommended for most general purpose strapping applications. It is incredibly strong, made from polyester, and convenient and cost effective. We have various sizes available, from 12mm-19mm widths to 1000 - 3000 metre lengths with standard and heavy duty options.

Metal Strapping

When it comes to heavy-duty holding applications where minimum stretch is required, metal strapping is one of the oldest and most versatile solutions. It’s strength and durability are second to none – you can rest assured that your items will be secure and in one piece upon its arrival.

Plastic Strapping

Don’t be fooled into thinking that plastic strapping is weak and malleable – in actual fact, it can be quite strong and durable. Polyester, for example, can be tensioned to a higher percentage of its break strength than any other type of strapping. It also retains its tension under hot, humid conditions.

PET Strapping

This product is an incredibly strong and lightweight alternative to both steel and poly strapping. It is often utilised by those looking for an environmentally friendly strapping solution, as PET is made from recycled plastic. It is a cleaner, lighter and safer strapping alternative.


Access Direct can also supply a wide range of strapping accessories, including: dispensers, tensioners, crimpers, tin snips, buckles (plastic and wire), metal seals (open and closed face), poly strapping trolleys and machines, and seal-less strapping powered tools.


Are wire buckles suitable for use on steel strapping?

No, they are only suitable for poly strapping. To seal steel strapping, you will need to use metal seals with a crimping tool.

Are tensioners and crimpers necessary?

Unless using poly-strapping (you can use plastic of wire buckles), yes they are necessary when securing your products with steel and PET strapping.

Which is better – plastic or cardboard guards?

Plastic tend to be more durable and can be re-used. Cardboard is a more cost effective option.