Ask Quick Question for Protection


Ensure that your products can be safely transported and stored by packing them with the required protection. Access Direct are your premium protection suppliers.

Bubble Film

One of the most effective ways of protecting your goods, we offer bubble film rolls in a variety of lengths (50, 100 or 200 metres). The bubbles themselves can be either 10 or 20mm in size, depending on what you’re shipping. Our rolls can be custom made and are available slit, perforated, double sided and foam backed.

Loose Fill

What if you’re shipping a number of products in one box and are worried about them moving around? Loose fill is the answer. These beans will fill all the leftover space in the box, preventing the items from moving around too much during transit. They’re also 100% recycled and biodegradable.

Foam Wrap

This product is designed for surface protection, as it can be wrapped quite tightly around the object and help to prevent impact damage. At Access Direct, we have a variety of thicknesses to choose from (including 3, 4, 6 and 8mm) to ensure that your items are adequately protected. Our rolls can be custom made, and available slit, double sided and bubble wrap backed.

Cardboard & Kraft Rolls

If you looking for cost effective protection, we recommend either corrugated cardboard or kraft rolls. Our cardboard rolls have a single face thickness of 3mm, whereas our kraft rolls come in a variety of thicknesses. Kraft paper rolls are an excellent cheap way of wrapping products. Dispensers available for both, please enquire.


Do you supply dispensers for bubble wrap, foam wrap, corrugated cardboard and kraft rolls?

Yes, we stock a full range of floor and wall dispensers with cutting options.

What is loose fill made from? Is it hazardous?

Our loose fill is corn & wheat based, containing gluten. It is not hazardous and is 100% Biodegradable.