Ask Quick Question for Packaging Tapes


Ensure that your packages and parcels have been properly sealed with our range of durable tape products.

Packaging Tape

We supply a wide range of different packaging tapes, including: acrylic (our standard product), rubber (our premium product) and hot melt (our super premium product). These are available in brown and clear varieties, as well as a range of lengths to ensure your needs are met.

Message Rolls/Tape

When you need your tape to send a particular message, Access Direct has the solution. We supply a range of message rolls, including: fragile, top load only, handle with care, this way up and barrier (white and red) safety tape. Custom messages and your company logo can also be arranged.

Filament Tape

When it comes to bundling, strapping and other heavy duty taping applications, you need a product that is super strong and able to withstand rough handling. This is where filament tape comes in. We supply filament tape in varying lengths and also have double-sided rolls available for your convenience.


No one wants to get tangled up in the sticky mess that is packaging tape, which is why our dispensers can be real time savers. We have a variety of dispensers to choose from, including: pistol grip (retractable) and noise reduction. All of our dispensers will allow you to quickly and easily seal packages and boxes.


How do I know what tape will fit into my dispenser?

Generally, the most popular width tape is 48mm, suiting most tape dispensers. 24 & 36mm widths are available, however they require a different sized dispenser. Our Bonus tape dispenser holds larger roll lengths of 150 meters+.

Do you sell stationery tape?

Yes, we stock stationery tape to suit desk dispensers. Width 18mm x 66 meters.

How do I arrange a custom message on packaging tape?

Simply send us your design and required colours, and we will take care of all the details.