Ask Quick Question for Mailing


Even goods that can be sent in everyday mail need to be properly packaged and protected.

Tuff Bags

Access Direct understands that, sometimes, standard paper envelopes are simply not strong enough. In these situations, our courier tuff mailers are the perfect solution – they are durable enough to hold goods of various weights. They can be custom printed with your logo or message in up to 4 different colours.

Padded Bags

When the goods you’re sending require a little extra protection against impacts, we recommend our padded mail bags. They are rugged and lined with rigid 10mm bubble wrap, providing ample cushioning to fragile items.

Magic Seal Bags

Our ‘Magic Seal’ bags can be used to package a variety of goods, from small industrial parts through to confectionary. We have a variety of sizes available, from 50mm x 75mm through to 380mm x 508mm, and they all come in boxes of 1000 – you’ll never have to worry about running out.


We offer a number of accessories that are designed to make mailing even easier. Our range of permanent makers are available with either bullet point or chisel head nibs. We also supply 500 gram bags of rubber bands in no. 24, no. 32 and no. 64 sizes to help you keep items together.


What sorts of items are not suitable to be posted in tuff or padded bags?

We do not recommend putting glass items into these bags. Glass items are best boxed with our loose fill.

Are ‘Magic Seal’ bags safe for use with foodstuffs?

Yes, they are TGA registered and are safe to use with food products.