A Guide for Automotive Service Managers

Where we can assist the automotive service manager is providing solutions to the challenges faced in maintaining good clean and efficient facilities. When it comes to ensuring your employees have access to the best possible hand cleaner, body protection and general cleanliness, Access Direct has the answer.

Stocking a full range of before work and after work skin protection and restore creams made by well-known and trusted brands such as Deb, Lightning, Stoko, Supakleen and Peerless Gel; we ensure employee OH & S standards of safety and cleanliness.

A distributor of the well-known Stoko grit hand cleaner, made from Walnut shell which assists in cutting safety through the toughest grime and grease safely and is essential for preventing reactions to sensitive skin.

Hand protection is made easy by offering a vast range of gloves for the automotive industry, from solvent resistant PVC to premium heavy duty disposable black nitrile.

Body protection is a must where repairs and vehicle maintenance is performed. Full offering includes personal safety with earplugs, eyewear protection, disposable overalls, PVC aprons respirators and facial protection and a full range of First Aid kits and refills.

To ensure surface and floor safety, we also offer a full range of safety matting, from standard rubber cushion mats, ribbed traffic mats to diamond foot cushioned anti-slip matting. We also recommend our range of anti-slip floor safety tape great for use on stairways and walkways for optimum safety where traffic in the service workshop is concerned.

Looking for a solution to assist you with clean ups and spillages? We have a full range of cost effective wipes, wipes on a roll or industrial rags to select from, along with wall dispensers that keep the workshop tidy & ergonomic.

Of course last but not least is the need for Washroom supplies! With a full range of hand towel & toilet tissue paper products for the washroom we stock all well-known brands such as Caprice, Scott, Kimberley Clark, Tork to name a few. Please ask about our complimentary wall dispensers on offer for your Workshop’s washroom areas.

The benefits of purchasing wholesale cleaning products online

These days, most businesses are choosing to purchase wholesale cleaning products online instead of collection themselves. This is often because they have realised the many benefits of buying wholesale and buying online – so why not get the best of both worlds? If you still haven’t made the switch, here are just some of the benefits that you will receive.

What are the benefits of buying wholesale?

You will always have supplies on hand

A key benefit of buying wholesale is that the various cleaning supplies your workers use will always be on hand when they need them. If they run out of bleach halfway through cleaning a hotel room or dishwashing liquid in the middle of a busy restaurant service, there won’t be any need to stress – all a worker has to do is head to the storeroom.

You can actually save some money

Another benefit of buying wholesale is that it can actually be cheaper than buying items individually, as you need them. The cost per unit could drop depending on how many you’re buying or you could receive a discount on large orders at the supplier’s discretion. It will cost you more upfront, but the savings you’ll make will be worth it.

You won’t have to place orders as often

Let’s face it – placing orders for cleaning products can be a time consuming process, taking you away from other tasks that you would rather be doing. A benefit of buying wholesale is that you won’t have to place orders as often – every 6 months instead of every 2 weeks. Just keep in mind that some products have a use by date.

What are the benefits of buying online?

You can shop at a time that works for you

The problem with shopping at a physical store is that they have opening hours, so you might have to rearrange your schedule to get down there before they close. When you shop online, however, you’ll have the freedom to shop at a time that suits you – early in the morning, late at night or even during your lunch break.

You can arrange for delivery

Some shops are quite happy to deliver, whereas others expect you to somehow find a way to get everything to your premises. When you shop online, however, they always deliver for you. You can often receive free shipping on orders over a certain amount or if you’re a repeat customer, so this is another way to save some money.

You can more easily compare products

The sheer number of cleaning products on the market can sometimes be overwhelming. This can make it difficult for us to compare them and determine which will best meet our needs. When you shop online, you can simply open tabs for each product that you’re interested in and compare their various offerings without getting overwhelmed.

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits associated with buying wholesale cleaning products online. Whether you’re looking for ways to save money or you simply don’t have the time to shop during business hours, we are sure that you will benefit in some way. Browse the Access Direct website today to see what we can help you with and do not hesitate to ask for assistance if required.

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The service manager oversees the service department and is responsible for controlling costs, building a loyal client base, maintaining good employee relations and providing them with comfortable facilities, as well as setting and obtaining sales and profit objectives and maintaining service records Additionally, they must satisfy service concerns of all Customers, ensure that service is performed at the highest level and operate the department profitably. With juggling so many tasks in the fast paced and competitive automotive sector, requiring essential supplies to ensure employee satisfaction is a must.