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Essential supplies for professional housekeepers.


The last thing you want to occur is running low on stocks of your essential Motel supplies or housekeeping supplies. By purchasing bulk motel cleaning supplies from Access Direct, you get your known and trusted brands at the best value, plus have them delivered in a timely manner by our polite and ethical delivery drivers.

We stock a full range of hotel bathroom supplies, from shampoo to body wash and conditioner, pleat wrapped soap, dental kits, shaving kits, to mention a few.

Housekeeper knocking on a door at the hotel
How-to guides

A Guide for Housekeepers

Housekeeping management is at the core of hotel operations and can make the difference between a reputed hotel and one that guests are unlikely to visit again. The primary housekeeping duty is to ensure the cleanliness and orderliness of hotel rooms and to ascertain that they are properly stocked with the supplies to which guests are entitled. A hotel housekeeping manager not only supervises housekeepers in conducting their duties but also investigates any complaints guests make and takes corrective action.

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