Ask Quick Question for Motel and Hotel Amenities


Providing your guests with high quality toiletries and amenities can help them to have an enjoyable stay.

Hotel Bathroom Supplies

In any hotel and motel room you would expect to find individual sized shampoo, conditioner and soap. Why not further enhance the stay of your guests by offering them body lotion, bath and shower gel, bath crystals, shaving kits and dental kits? Should they have forgotten something, their needs will be taken care of.

Motel Cleaning Supplies in Melbourne

When the room offers a kitchenette or laundry, it is important that you have provided the relevant hotel cleaning supplies to ensure your guests’ satisfaction. For the laundry, we have laundry powder and detergent portions available. For the kitchen, we have dishwashing liquid and automatic dishwasher powder available.

Miscellaneous Supplies for Hotels

These days, more luxurious hotels offer extra amenities that are designed to make a guests stay as enjoyable as possible. At Access Direct, we can also supply sanitary bags, vanity sets (cotton swabs, cotton pads, nail files etc), shower caps and even sewing kits.

Major Brands

As hotel wholesale suppliers, we stock many major motel brands for your convenience, including: Spa, Natural Evolution, Press & Wash Aqua Fresh and Pure Herbs. All of these brands are known for their high quality and attractively presented products, which are sure to make any stay enjoyable.


Which of these bulk hotel supplies is considered environmentally friendly?

Our Natural Evolution range is packaged in recycled and biodegradable plastic and cardboard, to cater for today’s eco conscious guests.

Are free dispensers available?

Yes, with our ‘Press and Wash’, pods are inserted into a wall dispenser. These wall dispensers are chrome plated, rust proof and available free on loan with a 12 month contract.