Ask Quick Question for Hand & Body Products


From sanitation to skin protection, we offer the full spectrum of hand and body products for your convenience.

Hand Wash

We supply a variety of different hand wash and sanitiser products, which can be placed in bathrooms and kitchens with the aim of keeping our hands clean and safe. Estesol FH has been specifically formulated for use in food handling areas, and we also offer products suited for heavy duty (grease removal) use.


Anytime you’re outside, it’s important that you have applied sunscreen to protect your skin against harmful UVA and UVB rays. We offer pump bottles, for ease of application, and lip balms to ensure maximum protection. All products are also water resistant and contain vitamin E.

Hair & Body Wash

Some professions require us to shower prior to or after leaving the premises to avoid the spread of contaminants. We offer an all over hair and body wash product that will ensure your employees are clean as quickly and efficiently as possible – there is no need to use multiple products. Free dispensers are available.

Major Brands

We stock many major hand and body brands for your convenience, including: Stoko, Deb, Solovol, Swarfega, Lightning, Active Solutions and Auscreen.


How are the wall dispensers installed?

All our wall dispensers come with clear instructions, a template and caps and screws to ensure easy and safe installation.

How do I refill wall dispensers?

Our range of hand, hair and body wash come conveniently packaged in lightweight plastic pods which are inserted into the wall dispensers.

Are the Stoko dispensers free of charge?

Yes, all the Stoko range of dispensers are provided free of charge.