Ask Quick Question for Dispatch


Those who work in despatch often find themselves under the pump – improve efficiency with our range of handy tools.


Whether you need to open boxes or you’re trying to cut strips of tape without a dispenser, knives are an essential part of despatch life. We can supply a number of different knives, including plastic warehouse and metal smart ones, to ensure that the needs of your particular application are met.


As invoices are printed on paper, simply enclosing them inside of a box is just asking for them to be misplaced. Our self-adhesive envelopes are the answer – these plastic pockets are stuck to the outside of the box and the paper invoice can be secured inside, affording it protection. They are highly visual, ensuring your invoice gets noticed.


Don’t throw your knives away if the blade has dulled or even broken – just pop in a replacement! Access Direct can provide blade refills in packs of 10 (for plastic warehouse snap off knives) or 100 (for metal smart knives), so you can ensure that there are plenty of spares constantly available. Why replace the handle if it’s still in tiptop condition?

Improved Efficiency

One of the biggest issues faced by any company involved with despatch is efficiency – trying to get packages and parcels out as quickly as possible is a must, but a number of issues can quickly put a spanner in the works. Access Direct is committed to helping you improve efficiency where possible.


Do you supply ‘Documents Enclosed’, plain and custom printed self-adhesive envelopes?

Yes, we stock the complete range including the option of your custom printed logo and message!

Are custom envelope sizes available?

Yes, we can even provide custom sized self-adhesive envelopes if required.